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River Boat Trips Cornwall

Newmans Cruises family run business operating on the River Fal, Cornwall

The Newman family have been running this family business since 1936, starting with just a small ferry crossing from the Roseland Peninsula side of the river to the Truro side, then expanding the business to more and larger boats, all busy ferrying passengers around the River Fal, and servicing the laid up shipping that has used the deep, sheltered waters of the Fal during times of recession.  Not only tankers, cargo ships, cross channel ferries but passenger ships like the Southern Cross, Cunard’s Franconia and Carmania, Nevasa, Ocean Monarch and the Uganda have moored in the Fal since 1920s.


Wildlife on the River Fal

The wonderful scenery along the banks of the River Fal are truly delightful, with plenty of wildlife to be seen – cormorants can be seen diving into the river to catch their fish or sitting on mooring buoys watching and waiting for their next catch.  Egrets and herons you will be able to see on the water’s edge hunting for food or in trees having a little rest and watching for their next catch. Otters and kingfishers can also be seen around the river. And on some special occasions you will actually see seals, we have a few that live around the River Fal and in the Carrick Roads.

Places of Interest

There are many places of interest on the River Fal, there are a number of small creeks, they may be small but have large histories. Each bend in the river tells a different story, from Royals to Smugglers, each crook and cranny of the river has a tale to be told and we can tell you these stories when you come aboard. For now read the extracts from the “Charm of the Fal” by Rodney Newman, to see why a trip aboard our boat will truly be unforgettable.

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